Monday, May 18, 2015

Too Busy For Love - Taco Kisses

I'd love to go out with you this week, but I'm very busy!
I just found out I'm performing in Kay Sedia's show,
TACO KISSES, as Reba Areba this Thursday night,

so all my free time will have to be spent writing, memorizing and rehearsing
a ten minute slot.  I'll probably talk about this blog and sing a song about
"This is why I'm Single" or "Too Busy For Love".
Then, after that, I plan to head to Big Bear for Memorial Day weekend,

So I won't be available until Tuesday,
But I'd love to grab a coffee or something, then.
Thanks for asking!

If you want to see me this Thursday, May 21 @ 8pm
Get jur teeckets here:
and head to the Casita Del Campo!

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  1. Again with the busy-ness!