Friday, May 15, 2015

He Don't Even Know!-Thanks for everything, John Leguizamo

Say "hello" to Todd!
I imagine that I met Todd
on a Sunday Funday with friends.  
We were at a trendy West Hollywood bar
when Todd danced right up to me and said
I reminded him of John Leguizamo.
This wasn't the first time I'd heard that,
but it was the first time I wanted
to kiss the person who told me,
real hard!

He gave me a sweet kiss on the lips, 
patted my tush, 
then jumped up on a dancer box
and ordered two colorful drinks.
He popped of the box and danced for me
until the drinks arrived.
He immediately stopped dancing
and took me to a quiet part of the bar
where we sat, talked and made out a little.
At his insistence, I riffed a few

At the end of our drinks, 
he gave me a big hug and a card with his number on it.
He put on his shirt and left.
Then he came back, kissed me hard
and took me to the Arclight,
where we saw some low attended film
and made out in aisle P, seats 21 & 22.
I don't remember what film it was, 
but I remember reel 3 was very long.

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