Wednesday, May 20, 2015

He Don't Even Know!- Romancing the Lone

This colorful specimen is "Gerado".
I imagine he lets me call him "Herman"
because he big & chunky like a Munster!
While his physical being is big, 
his romantic notions are bigger!

I don't know what drew him to me, 
but once he set his sights on me, 
he was bent on wooing me!
(not that he needed to, 
this is one big lug who had me at "Hola")

He's great at romancing!
He likes to take me rowing in the lake!
He sings me Dean Martin songs in Spanish!
He gave me a dark chocolate sculpture of Dolly Parton!
He whispers my name in my ear while he nuzzles me.

My favorite romantic moment was when
 one time he made a little drive-in theater in his
back yard, where we sat in the back of his
red '65 Del Camino, 
with pillows, blankets and  a bottle of Amaretto
while we watched 
and made out.

His personal snack bar had great hot dogs!

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