Tuesday, May 12, 2015

He Don't Even Know - Franc & Weenie

With PRIDE season upon us,
I think you should meet my pretendificant other.
This is Francisco, 
his imaginary Latino accent
drives me nuts!
I met him at L.A. Pride 2014,
he was working in a booth for bullied
gay puppies!

I don't know who I found more adorable, 
this sweet Latino hunk or
 the emotionally damaged pups in desperate need of attention.
I will tell you who I found more cuddly;

After his shift at the booth was over,
he invited me to his place where we got
better acquainted over a bottle of Persecco
Then, we topped off the evening
cozily watching FRANKENWEENIE
in our underwear and rubber bracelets.
During the movie, Franc let me play with his puppy.

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