Sunday, May 3, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Cold Detection System!

This is "Elliott"
He don't even know he's my boyfriend, 
but that hasn't stopped him 
from inviting me to the first pool party 
of the season!

Elliott reminds me that 
while it's burning hot in the daytime,
these pool parties have to be well planned
this time of year.
You see, it can get up into the mid 90's
making a dunk in the pool
quite refreshing,
But in just a few scant hours, 
it could turn
party-ruining chilly!
Elliott tells me to keep
close to him, 
because he has a natural cold detection system
that tells him when it's time to get out of the pool
and dry off
at just the perfect moment
to keep the party fun going without a hitch.

He calls the system
I've seen the system work!
Despite my trust in the system,
I was a "petulant little monkey"
(His words)
and ignored the call to get out
and dry off.
Wouldn't you know it, 
ten minutes later I was whining about how cold I was
and less than willing to admit 
I didn't bring anything other than a t-shirt 
for warmth.

Elliott, was ready, though.
He stood at the edge of the pool with a large towel,
wrapped me up all cozy
and hugged me very hard as to collect
all bits of moisture.
Then he unzipped his
hoody, pulled me in
and warmed my goosebumps away
against his warm bare skin.

The take away here:
Nipples always beat goosebumps!

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