Friday, May 29, 2015

Too Busy For Love - Drag Season!

OMG! I would totally love to see SAN ANDREAS with you, but I'm too busy!
I had a photo shoot with the Fabulous Dusti Cunningham today as Reba Areba,
then tomorrow night I have a party gig as Frieda Laye.  Not even the weeknights are
safe!  Tuesday I have a charity Drag Bingo to call and then next Thursday I have a corporate
Out lunch event, then, another photo shoot with Duke Shoman with Chico's Angels, then before you know it, CSW Pride will be upon us, where the Angels and I will be providing color commentary at the judges' table in the Parade.  I barely had enough time to post this!
I guess I'll have to wait awhile to see SAN ANDREAS with you.
Until then, I'll be shaking it on my own!

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