Saturday, May 2, 2015

Gay of a Certain Age - It's Still Good!

Saturday brunch is always a delight,
but today was much more delightful because I ran into Leslie Jordan!
There I was at Kitchen 24, in West Hollywood, when this ball of sunshine walked in.
Well, we said our hellos and got down to chatting',
as we will, and Leslie went on about how happy he was in his first
relationship.  What?
Here is one of the sweetest, funniest, adorablist men you will ever meet
and he's embarking on his first serious relationship at the age of 60?
I'll swan, it was very inspirational and delicious seeing Leslie being so happy
about this relationship he describes as mature and healthy.

Come to think of it, Stephen Sondheim says he didn't
fall in love until he was 60, too.
As a Gay of a Certain Age, It sure is nice to hear these stories and realize that
there is no expiration date stamped on my tushy!

One of the most important things Leslie said, after "Hands off!",
was that he didn't think this relationship would have worked out before now.
He has spent a good number of years working on himself,
without which, he would have screwed this all up.
I ordered an omelette, but got served a little wisdom and learned
 that I don't have to give up on finding love somewhere
down the road and I don't have to worry about jumping into a relationship,
I can take my time and work on me without fretting that I'm missing something
that I'm probably not ready for anyway.

In any case, I was ready for my omelette!
Nom nom nom...

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