Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Trials of Man Solo - More for 1 less

As an often single traveler, I can't tell you how exciting it is to see
offers flood my email box for discounted trips all over the world!
Japan, Hawaii, Greece, Ireland and even Los Angeles are all available
for only $1799 or less depending on the distance and length of stay.

I fall for it every time!  I get excited at the great deal, then I see this:

Note: All options priced per person, based on double occupancy, 
or pay an additional $300 fee to travel solo. Read about package structures here.

That's right, I get to pay $300 dollars or more because I'm traveling alone.
Such are The Trials of Man Solo.  Here's the thing, I don't have any credit cards, so I have save up and pay as I go.  An extra $300 can throw me off a month or two or longer.  Also, I'm a sucker for a great deal, but if given long enough, I'll cool down faster than a gluten-free Eggo sticking half way out of the toaster slot!  So, when I read about a great deal, then sift through the info, figuring out how I'm going to make one total, then have to stop to recalculate the "Solo Tax"- forget it, I'll move on to another exciting offer for another exciting locale.  I know the idea behind the deal is to get TWO people on the cruise or tour in order to have them spend twice the money on peripherals, I just think it's sucks that I'm supposed to make up for the non-spending of the non-existent traveler.  Perhaps it would be better if they offered a median price for all numbers of travelers with a set number of spaces put aside for solo travelers because, we all know they are usually offering these deals because ain't no one filling their available space and I personally think, one person in a double is better than zero person in a double.
Better yet, perhaps someone should start a travel agency that specializes in solo travels with just as attractive deals!  If that is you, please send me your info.  If I've inspired you to specialize and conquer this market, I'd appreciate a small thank you in the form of extra peanuts on a flight of my choice. ...and a hooker.

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