Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Gay of a Certain Age - Lot of Day Goes By

Some people think I'm pretty good, but actually, I'M THE WORST!
I'm the worst at double booking and missing events!
Not only am I too busy for love, but, apparently, I'm too busy for my own life!
Even though I have certain set appointments the same days each month,
I sometimes forget they exist and in excitement of an invitation I say, "Yes!",
then a day or so later I have to say, "No", with an audible saddy face.

Why, just this weekend, I missed two events that I was very much looking forward to.
One was a fundraiser pool party, full of men I know & would like to hang around with.
I missed it because I got excited about an invite to see PITCH PERFECT 2 in the morning,
after which I started fretting and preparing for an event that actually took place the night before!
So I missed one event because I was focused on another that I had already missed.
(I had to fret & prepare because I was expected to be dressed formally, and I wasn't sure which of two nearly formal outfits I would feel least uncomfortable in.  Also, I was very excited because it was a fundraiser that included totally nude hunky servers- Anything for Charity, I say!)

As a Gay of a Certain Age, it has become apparent that I have to start using a calendar daily.  I mean I have to actually stop myself and look at the goddam thing before I start my day.  I think my memory is still pretty much in tact, it's just that I get so excited that anyone thought to invite me to anything that my mind drops one event for another, like a dog would do with a tennis ball for a Snausage.  Or maybe my mind is going and I just can't remember dates or names, (unless they are soap opera related because I can still remember that Michael Weiss started playing the role of Mike Horton on Days of Our Lives on August 18, 1985. He debuted shirtless.)

I know, most people have used a calendar daily almost all their lives, but this is new to me.  It's a habit I never got in to. When I was younger, I never really had much going on and I proudly lived off the cuff and spontaneously.  Not anymore.
I think I can get used to it, though.  Just be patient with me.  I'll get the hang of it.  I'm content knowing that needing a calendar is a normal thing and while I may have to start scheduling free time,  if I ever have to start scheduling my ALONE time to remember to do it, just shoot me.


  1. Well if you are talking about Sean and Matt's Pool Party fundraiser, it was cancelled!

  2. Actually, that is an event I thought I missed! Thanks!