Friday, May 1, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Wet

This is "Gilles"
he has a very sexy accent.
I love when he calls me "Jacques"!
He started calling me that when, 
one time, I went to get him a glass of water
and I slipped on the way back, 
spilling the wetness all over him.
Since then, he playfully sings 
"Jacque & Gilles went up a hill
to fetch a glass of water...", 
whenever he's feeling frisky.

He surfs
and teaches surfing.
We pretend met when I lost control
of the bicycle I rented on the 
Venice Beach path,
smacked my head on the
surfboard he was carrying
and fell over.
He helped me up and
spontaneously kissed my head 
where the surfboard left a boo boo.
He blushed, 
but I told him
I felt it working already.
He took me back to his rental shop
where he made sure I was alright 
and where I admired
his big block of sex wax.
The rest is imaginary history!

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