Monday, May 4, 2015

Gay of a Certain Age - Out damn spot!

Sharp eyes may have noticed that I have opened up my blog to advertising.
Seeing as how MAD MEN is going away, it's the only thing I'll have to
make me feel close to Don Draper.
I couldn't help but notice that the very first ad that appeared on my blog was for
dark spots!  Seriously? How did the Ultron device that places ads determine
that my blog readers and I are interested in or in need of Esoterica?
(The fade cream, not the peer-reviewed academic journal devoted to the transdisciplinary study of Western esotericism.)

As a Gay of a Certain Age, I would like the men of Madison Avenue to be aware that I am
still very interested in my X-Box One, TEEN-WOLF, THE LEGO MOVIE
and Ariola Grande & Ziggy Azalea!  I paid to see FROZEN and anxiously await its sequel and stage presentation!  Just because I'm over 40, it doesn't mean I'm crying over wrinkles and fretting over dark spots!  I'd say age is only a number and you're as young as you buy!

Please, hard reader, when you see a "Jesus Christ is Lord" Single? ad, (Apparently Jesus is also a Yenta) or a "Find Filipino Hot Girls"ad, know that I did not choose those sponsors.
I don't get to pick and chose which ads appear on my blog page, if I did,
the personal lube, Daniel Craig posters, Broadway box office and puppy industries would be having a record year!

As I continue writing this, I realize I'm less offended by the age based ads,
(because really, where the hell did those spots on my face come from?  Have I always had freckles? Who am I now, Doris Day?)  It's the blatantly heterosexual, horny strait guy ads that bother me
(If I have any horny straight guy readers, WELCOME!) It's just that I'd like to see an ad for
homos- I've labeled all of my entries as "gay", but apparently Ultron is only reading "age" and "boyfriend".  Whatever.  Until Ultron decides he wants to acknowledge the Gays, please enjoy the ironic ads on the page.

Also, in case anyone's curious, I clicked on the age spot one JUST OUT OF CURIOSITY and there wasn't any indication anywhere else that I had, so there's no visible public record of who's
clicking on what age based ads. ...just so you know.

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