Friday, May 8, 2015

This Is Why I Am Single - Goon Squad Reject

Look at me... Don't look at me!
I have no fashion.  I think I have a sense of fashion, otherwise I don't think I'd know
that I live life as a Glamour Magazine DON'T.
I don't own a suit.  I don't have many shirts that have buttons.  I have many t-shirts.
I think I have settled into the idea that comfort is more important than looking good.
This why I am single, in most cases, if one is attempting to attract a suitor, then one should look,
let us say, attractive.  That usually includes dressing in a way that appeals to others,
as nature has shown us in the proud male peacock in his colorful feathers.

Don't get me wrong, because when someone gets me in a good fitting outfit,
I do enjoy being gussied up & lookin' fine.  I think it might be, that with my ever-shifting
body size, it's hard for me to find & keep something that fits well.
(That's an issue about fitness, which is another "This is why I am Single"
for another day.)
I think the biggest issue I have with clothes is that I don't like feeling restricted.
It goes beyond clothes that are too tight because of my weight
(but seriously, how can a shirt that fit fine last week, suddenly accentuate my midsection?)
there's also the unpleasant feeling of a collar around my neck or
cuffs limiting my reach or getting caught on something.
Also, because of my unusual proportions (i.e. thick neck, short arms) it's hard to get something
off the rack that fits well.  I'm not so keen on spending the extra for custom made-
 (I'd rather spend on travel, colorful plastic and tasty eats.)
It even goes as far as jewelry- I don't like rings, chains or watches.
Ironically, I feel naked if my drag characters aren't overloaded with bracelets, necklaces and earrings.

I don't like feeling restricted in any way.

So there it is, I dress for comfort and I'm comfortable with it. I know, I could take more care with my ensembles, as not to look like I got dressed in three different dark closets, but just know, if you are the lucky man who marries me,
it'll happen in my finest t-shirt.  #TiredAttire

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