Thursday, June 11, 2015

Gay of a Certain Age - Big Bear Adventure

This Memorial Day, I thought instead of facing the "A" Gays
at every turn in Palm Springs, why not head a little north east
instead, and enjoy the smell of pine, fire place smoke and putt putt greens!
It's often that a holiday or three a year will be spent in lovely Palm Springs,
but lately it seems our plans to just sit back and relax are usually let go in favor
of meeting up with the other gays at a restaurant, a party, a swimming pool...
And while I really enjoy the social aspect of the desert,
this year, I really felt like I really needed a slow pace.
I thought I'd sit in a cabin and maybe get started on writing any of a few projects I've been  percolating in my brain.
I Spoke to muh DAB, Dennis, and he seemed up for that kind of weekend, too.

So, Friday afternoon we drove to Big Bear and crisp mountain air and the picturesque trees.
  We delighted in the cute cabin we got at a great rate and settled in.  
I put on a fire and Dennis got to writing.  
Saturday we spent the day in the Village and shopped and ate and saw 

TOMORROWLAND. We don't recommend it.

Sunday Morning we we joined by our friend, Carlos!

We enjoyed a day at the lake...

and an afternoon of  putt putt
(A course that's been around since 1948!)
We got a thrill seeing MAD MAX
and then had a lovely dinner.
Then, back to the cabin for some relaxing
and ice cream eating!

Monday we went zip lining and had a fabulous time.
Of course, this guy helping us get into our gear
and loading us onto the zip lines 
made it a little more delicious!

Carlos left us Monday evening.

On our final night, Dennis and I went for a nice long walk.
We stopped to take a pic by this cute trailer we'd been admiring
all weekend long
when all of a sudden the owner stepped out of her house
and invited us to take interior shots of the
1978 Canary she was very proud of.

Of course, we took her up on her offer and we had a nice chat.
Dennis, ever the interviewer, asked her
about herself and it turns out she
sells tea & such!
She sells Mountain Witch Tea.
She travels around selling at farmers markets, 
so keep an eye out for her!
Or visit the link to order some!

She took a few pics for us and we were on our way again.

As we walked some more, we really took in
how serious they are about their bears here!
Almost every business has a bear of some sort outside,
welcoming you.
We even stopped by this bear sculpture sanctuary
(for a li'l snack)

We also noticed, 
throughout the weekend,
how nice everybody in town was!
As a Gay of a Certain Age,
it's something you notice.

From our first restaurant experience Friday Night
to our last evening walk with 
the Mountain Witch Tea lady & her trailer, 
we just had the loveliest interactions
with everyone we met
(Oy, don't get me started on Suzanne at the Zip Line place,
that was like an un-aired episode of WILL & GRACE!)

I'm not saying that this couldn't have happened
in Palm Springs,
I'm just saying that since we took a risk
on a different place this year, 
it was well worth it!


By the way, I got no writing done!
Even getting to this blog was spotty!
Maybe it's me...

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