Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Too Busy For Love! - Drag Season continues!

I'd love to go rollerskating with you, followed by a shared strawberry malt,
but I'm too busy!  I have a corporate gig in a dress tomorrow,
followed by a work meeting in the evening, a fitting Thursday evening,
Friday I have one (possibly two) photo shoot(s) and Saturday & Sunday
I've got L.A. Pride duties, including color commentary for the judges' table
and signing stuff in the LA Condom booth!

I'm swamped!  Maybe next week, but not Wednesday, I have another work meeting.
Friday night I'm hostessing a benefit in a dress and
I have a play reading Saturday afternoon & plans to see MISERABLE WITH AN OCEAN VIEW that night.  Maybe next Sunday... I'll let you know.  Thanks for asking!

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