Friday, June 5, 2015

Gay of a Certain Age - Drag Burn

Drag season is in full swing and I'm ready to sit it out on the bench!
Tonight is Dragstrip: a dance party fundraiser to help complete a documentary about the legendary club. Seeing as how I was a little part of that, I'd like to go.  But do I have to go in drag if I'm not performing???
It's freakin' DRAGSTRIP 66!  How can I not?

As a Gay of a Certain Age, I'm starting to learn that holding a full time job
and dragging it up on weeknights takes its toll.  I'm learning that stray eyelash glue
ain't the only thing keeping my eyelids shut.
I'm thinking that I still have three or more drag gigs next week...  Oy!

I guess for some the drag is their full time job, so it kills two birds with one eyeliner.
Yeah, I guess I still have a good time doing it, but gosh, I'm pooped!

I will be a trooper, slap up, get there and have a good time!
I guess I've got plenty of time to be old after...

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