Wednesday, June 10, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Present Laughter

Hello "Peter"!
Even though he doesn't know he's my boyfriend,
I imagine that he and I are together
because he is very serious.

As the middle child growing up,
he had to take things very seriously
to figure out ways to not be ignored.
Being serious doesn't mean he isn't fun, 
but his demeanor is a nice
contrast to my nutty side.

The most interesting thing about Peter is,
even though he is quite serious,
he giggles during sex!
And it's a sexy giggle, too.
You may not be able to imagine that,
but it comes from a place of shyness mixed with naughtiness
that always gets me in all the right places.
You can't try to make it happen, either,
it just happens in moment.
I guess that's what I find sexiest about it,
it means here's right there with me.
Giggle on, Peter.  Giggle on!

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