Thursday, June 25, 2015

Gay of A Certain Age - The Pick Up Artist

Is it weird that I can't pass by a penny on the street without picking it up?
There was a time in my life not long ago, when I would see a penny or some other
coin on the street and pass it by, feeling it had little worth.  I'd think, "I don't need that", or "Let someone else find it, they probably need it more than I do."  Now, I must stop to pick it up.
There's even been times that I've taken a few steps back to get it, after reverting to
that old attitude.

As a Gay of A Certain Age, I've come to see the the waiting coin as something else.
It is a gift from the universe (or God), it is a good symbol that I will be provided for,
that I am fortunate.  How could I possibly just pass that by?  How could I say "no" to
good will?  It's not all about monetary worth, either.  Picking up that coin reminds me
that I have a very full life, I'm very busy and active, and while I don't have a partner and
have moments of loneliness, I am not alone.  I have great friends, a fabulous family and wonderful creative outlets.  I get to indulge myself often.  Now I feel if I thumb my nose at a penny on
the street, I'm thumbing my nose at all of that.  So, whenever I see a round piece of metal on
the ground, I will stop, maybe even take a few steps out of my way, and pick it up.
I think that's how good stuff works, in general- you've got to stop for a second and accept it.
Whether it's a penny on the street, a friend offering to help or a flirtatious smile from a stranger,
just stop for a second and accept it.

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