Thursday, June 4, 2015

He Don't Even Know! - Keep me wet!

This is "Enrique"
I imagine he lets me call him Quiqui, 
along with his other friends.
Quiqui is very supportive!
Not only can he lift me over his shoulders
to get me closer to a light bulb
that needs changing, 
he also comes with me to 
my performances
to help with set up, 
or anything he can do.
Then, he sits in the crowd watching me perform.
Very supportive!
No matter how many times he's seen a show or bit I do,
he always laughs as if it's the first time.

Here he is at CSW Pride last year, 
making sure I kept hydrated
while I did color commentary 
for the judges' table 
during the parade.
I'm going to imagine him there
next week also,
as I do color commentary ,again.
...thinking about having a Quiqui.

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