Friday, June 19, 2015

Too Busy For Love! - Dress On, Dress Off

It's getting rough!
I know it's perfect beach weather, but I'm too busy!
I had a work meeting go until 11:45 PM, Wednesday, 
A rehearsal last night and tonight I'm working with the ANGELS to host this event:

We'll be doing a few numbers and the featured singer lady 
is really good!
Get tix HERE

Saturday, I get to perform out of a dress
in a reading of a musical in the works!
Granted, I'll be playing an effeminate
guy who does drag, 
but I don't gotta do it in a dress!

Then, that evening,
I'm gonna go see Howard Skora's
Which I hear is hilarious.
I don't know if there are any tickets left for the run,
but if there are, you can get them 

Sunday evening I've been invited to a BBQ, 
so, maybe a Sunday beach brunch...
if one of muh DABs doesn't snatch me up early...

I have a movie date with a friend Monday night
(Finally gonna see JURASIC WORLD)

Maybe Tuesday?
Whenever it is, we gotta do it fast, 
we start CHICO'S ANGELS 3
rehearsals soon!

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