Sunday, June 28, 2015

HISTORIC EVENT - Beyond the Sandwich

On June 26, 2015
the Supreme Court of the United States decided in favor of same-sex marriage.
while getting married is not happening in the near future for me,
this decision put my blog at risk.  Yes, it lessens the likelihood that I will die alone-
a l'il bit.  I din't want to seem totally nonchalant about the whole deal, as if it doesn't mean
anything to me.  Sure, I'll find the humor in it and post about soon being able to marry
a sandwich that I really enjoy, but the decision means more than simply the right to be
married to the man I love in the future.
It also means that I am not less of a person.  I certainly don't need a piece of paper, a law,
or ignorant people's approval to let me know my worth, but it can wear a person down some.
Even though I know who I am and am happy with the person that I have grown into and become,
it can get a little grating to pop on to the Facebook, turn on the t.v. or read headlines and see
what a terrible person I'm supposed to be because I may love a person of the same sex.  It's hard
to hear that God and Jesus hate me because of who I love, that I am such a disgusting person that
I deserve to be murdered in the street, that I am so vile someone will not sell me a pizza, that I am intrinsically evil and a threat to heterosexual marriages and the family unit, just by declaring my love.
Seeing that all day, every  day can wear a person down whether they know it or not.
It's also exhausting being used as a political pawn by Republican assholes who play the gay
card for their religious zombies, who'll vote "yes" on anything so long as Jesus' named is stamped on it and it's against the demonic homosexuals.

What this decision does is let those people know that they are wrong.  I don't don't deserve less because I don't love a woman.  I don't need their God's permission to be legally married to a man, anymore than they need the Muslim God's permission to pray to Jesus.  My right to marry is not a political tool to get them to the polls any more than their right to free speech as a heterosexual is for me.  I am just as much a person as they are.  It means that if I die alone, it's because I chose it, not because a group of people say I can't be with someone.  This is no longer why I am single.

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